Grünberg mountain cable car

Hiking, climbing, mountain biking / Hospitality and relaxation
A green indyllic spot high above the town of Gmunden.
Lake Laudachsee is one of the favourite excursions on the Grünberg mountain. The mountain lake is at an attidute of 894 meters on the trail Grünberg-Traunstein. The crystal clear green lake which has drinking water qualities attracts with its 20°C in the summer months.
High up on the Grünberg mountain at almost 1000 meters altitude you will find the summer toboggan run.
The hiking path for all generations around the Grünbergalm plateau is ideal for all ages. In no time at all, the path will lead you to nice view points from where you can enjoy the superb panoramic views of the Lake Traunsee area.


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Gmunden Ceramics Manufactory - Shopping World




The reason, why our products are so unique and precious, is the well preserved traditional handcraft at Gmundner Keramik. Each piece is worked on more than sixty times by our skilled master craftsmen and -women. These people assure, that each piece is perfect in its look and feel. Human hands form, paint and decorate; each piece is slightly different and an one of- it’s kind. While you will find the same flowers and designs on each piece, they remain humanly different. We manufacture our products following an old-style recipe. Since centuries, we preserve and continue the old way of making true Gmundner Keramik pieces. All our attention and care is to keep the traditional spirit and identity of our products alive.


Kaiservilla at Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl was the former summer capital of the great Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and has been associated with the Habsburg imperial dynasty for at least 700 years. The Imperial Villa in Ischl, the Emperor's summer residence, was described by Franz Josef I as "heaven on earth" for himself and his family.


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